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Chick Lit is most definitely the new girl on the block. After dying a drastic death in the late 2009 especially from critics who termed the chick lit phenomenal as being too ‘Blonde’ or too ‘Cliche’, this baby is back with a bang. Don’t get me wrong, i love my Paranormals and thrillers just like any other intelligent woman, but who are we kidding, every now and then, after a grueling pheromone packed day at the office, we just want to get home, get into a bath and read about shopping, shoes and gossip divas with too many hot dates and hot parties. Below, i have created a list of my favorite classic chick lit novels with a mix of current authors with a dash of the old girl. CHICK LIT GALORE


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I love blogging, reading, DIY projects and basically having lots of fun :)

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