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The thing about Jelly Fish by Ali Benjamin


A debut of profound depths about the mysteries life and what it means to be alive. Suzy Swanson takes us through a journey of love and loss and the journey back to living and acceptance.

She is haunted by the death of her best friend Franny Jackson and is not willing to believe that it was just an accident. Believing that there was a better explanation, a scientific one. Suzy retreats into a world of silence and her imagination, where she becomes determined to prove that a rare jellyfish sting killed Franny.

But the closer she looks at herself, the more she begins to notice the wonders of the world around her. Here, she begins to explore the potential of love and hope.

This heart wrenching debut master piece gives us the story of a young girl confronting life, death and immortality and discovering the truth in her own unique way.


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