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Boring Girls by Sara Taylor

Our rating: 4.2 stars

A psychologically fascinating fictional read Boring Girls delves into the minds of two teenage girls as they journey into a life of brutal murder.

The book revolves around Rachel, a fifteen year old girl suffering from more than just teen angst, and her bestfriend Fern, the only person who seemingly understands her. 

For as long as she can remember, Rachel’s liked gory art and the allure of victoriously bloodied hands. Her parents however begrudgingly give her head way to be as she pleases. As long as the grades stay topped and she stays out of trouble.

However, an introduction to heavy metal music brings her closer to a marvelously new world of like minded people and the promise of a boyfriend. What results is the explosion of years worth dormant violent thoughts erupting from a basin of parental neglect and unchecked mental illness.

The Boring Girls is a disturbingly interesting book. A mentally cringeworthy fictional work designed to brilliantly take you on the psychic rollercoaster ride of your life.

To begin reading the book on, click on the image below.


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